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TÜV certified data protection

We have already been able to help many of our customers who have requested an additional certification in data protection to obtain such a certificate without complications.

Do you also want a certification?

Obtaining a certificate has many advantages, because it shows your customers that you take the topic of data protection seriously and that your customers can be unconcerned.

This quality standard helps you to build up your credibility and increase customer acquisition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a data protection officer?

A data protection officer must be appointed by companies with at least 20 employees who are regularly involved in the automated processing of data. A data protection officer is also necessary if special categories of personal data are processed that provide information about a person's race, ethnic origin, political opinion, religious beliefs, health or sex life. The same applies if personal data are transferred, collected, processed or used in a businesslike manner which constitutes the core activity of the company. In these two cases, the number of employees is irrelevant.

What are personal data?

According to GDPR, personal data is all information relating to an identifiable person. Subjects can be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by means of association with an identifier such as name, an identification number, a location or other characteristics. In practice, this includes all data that can be attributed to a person in any way. Examples include telephone numbers, ID numbers, account data, license plates, customer numbers, e-mail addresses or postal addresses.

How do the commissions at heyData work?

As soon as you have decided to cooperate with heyData, we will carry out a data protection audit with your company after an initial needs analysis in order to understand the processes of your company holistically - this process will be digitally accompanied and supervised by the data protection consultant. Thereupon we will prepare the necessary documentation together with you and if necessary, we will adapt the web presence of your company according to our instructions in case there is a need for changes in order to achieve conformity. Depending on the package, we are then involved in various processes of your company, which require the expertise of a data protection officer to protect you in all respects, this usually extends to HR, marketing, product, but also business development processes.

How long is the contract period?

The regular contract period is 24 months.

What is done in the data protection audit?

The data protection audit is intended to examine the processes of your company and to identify the essential points of data processing. You will then receive a documentation of this so that you have the locations, the type of data processed and the people responsible as a diagram available at any time.